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 Master the art of block printed repeat patterns. 


Dive deep into the world of block printed repeat patterns. 

Learn about different pattern designs and standard tessellating shapes, and also improve your block printing skills along the way. Learn how to combine your blocks and how to add new blocks, and make your own tessellating shapes. Show your work and learn not only from me but from the entire group of participants. 


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  • Have you ever wondered how repeat patterns work?
  • Do you want to hand print your own designs on paper or fabric?
  • Are you curious about what makes a pattern tessellate?
  • Do you want bring your carving and block printing skills to the next level (or learn stamp carving from scratch)
  • Are you struggling with the alignment of your carved blocks?
  • Do you want to bring your learn more about the materials and tools to use for block printing and get valuable tips from a working artist?
  • Do you want to spend several weeks block printing with a group of like-minded people?
  • Let’s get #simplyblockprinting.


The classes are ...

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What is the Deep Dive course?


Discover the world of block-printed repeat patterns in our multi-week online course, all delivered virtually to the comfort of your own home. Our course is perfect for beginners and seasoned block printers alike, as we tailor our instruction to meet you where you're at and help you establish your block printing and repeat pattern skills with plenty of opportunities for questions and feedback in the private course community and in live calls.

Learning by doing is the best way to master this art, and our courses are hands-on with assignments to apply what you've learned. Each module will give you actionable knowledge that you can apply to your own creative goals, such as art prints, gift wrap, cards, etc.

 Join the hundreds of students who have already taken our classes and unlock your block printing potential. 

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Examples of student work from previous classes

"Ali made everything very clear. I had been trying to do repeat patterns on my own, but I was in need of some fundamental steps to really understand the process. Ali made the process very accessible."

- Meghan Phillips, USA


The course in nutshell


The Deep Dive course is currently being redesigned (after teaching the content in online workshops to hundreds of students). This outline should give you a rough idea about the Deep Dive (but there might be changes to this outline in the  NEW Deep Dive course)

The foundation

No matter if you are a seasoned block printing artist or new to the craft, a strong foundation is key to stunning repeat patterns

  • Know the tools and materials needed
  • Practice the carving-101 to carve your own stamps with ease
  • Get hands-on block printing and experimenting with different materials and inks.

Repeat Patterns Fundamentals

Dive deep into the art of creating beautiful and intricate repeat patterns

  • Understand how repeat patterns work in the context of block printing
  • Learn how to make a repeat pattern from design to print.
  • Explore different types of repeat patterns and block shapes in detail
  • Take your carving & block printing to the next level 

Repeat Patterns Mastery

Once you are familiar with the typical shapes used for block printing repeat patterns, take your repeat patterns to the next level and create stunning and intricate multi-block repeat patterns with ease.

  • Combine different blocks to create new print variations
  • Dive into more complex curved shapes to create stunning patterns 
  • Make your own tessellating shapes

By the end of the Deep Dive course, you will be able to create stunning and intricate multi-block repeat patterns with ease, as well as have the ability to design and incorporate your own tessellating shapes seamlessly into your prints, no matter if you want to print on paper or fabric, use your stamps in multi-media work or use your block prints to develop surface patterns.


"[I liked] everything - from the pre-workshop communications which were very organized and comprehensive, to the relaxed pacing of the workshop, and all the content/knowlege you packed into a short time. It was fantastic."

- Mel Beach, USA - Intro to Block Printing


Hey there, I'm Ali!

I am a self-taught printmaker and surface pattern designer based in Zurich, Switzerland. I am here to teach you all about my passion for block printing and pattern design. I discovered my love for block printing in 2018 - with no previous experience with stamp carving or block printing and no understanding of how patterns worked.  Since then, I've been carving blocks and creating countless prints and patterns. Through trial and error, I've learned what works and what doesn't, and I'm excited to share my knowledge and my tips and tricks with students like you to help kickstart your block printing and pattern journey.


Since 2020 I have taught hundreds of students from around the world in online workshops. There is no bigger joy than seeing my students experience the magic of block printing and creating beautiful handprinted repeat patterns. 


When I'm not working on 3 Dotted Penguins, you can find me chasing after my little printmaker (aka my daughter), exploring the world, or playing board games.


What students say

"I tried to carve on my own but there were many skills and steps I was missing to get the level I wanted. After taking Intro to Block Printing I felt empowered and educated to level up my carving.

Im so glad I took the workshop as my confidence and love for carving has grown and my carvings are a joy and meditative practice."

- Julie Byrne, USA

"I have always felt motivated after the workshops and proud of what I managed to create. I thought that one had to be absolutely perfect but it is the imperfections that I think make it my own.

If you are wanting to escape into a world of creativity, and be guided by Ali's infectious enthusiasm I would highly recommend it."

- Veronica Glattauer, Australia

"Ali's courses are an absolute pleasure to attend and worth investing time and money in. She answers all questions, and I leave every class with many new ideas.

The weekly cadence of live sessions is perfect – this leaves enough time to try all the concepts and new shapes and get carving and printing. I find it convenient that I can rewatch the lessons and work on them again at my own pace. In addition, Ali provides templates that make everything easier."

- Sandra Meeh, Germany

"Ali's Deep Dive classes will advance your carving/printing skills, confidence, and enthusiasm for block printing! You'll build upon your block printing experience and leave with new design inspiration, shapes, and lots of tips/tricks.

Ali generously shares her experience and expertise, thoughtful answers to participant questions, and provides positive feedback along with lots of encouragement along the way!"

- Mel Beach, USA

Where Ali's students have been from

Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada Denmark Estonia France Germany Great Britain Greece Hungary India Ireland Israel Italy Kuwait Netherlands New Zealand Paraguay Philippines Poland South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand United Arab Emirates United States of America Zimbabwe
... and counting

"If you're unsure, consider these: Firstly, Deep Dive is a great addition to any other surface design courses out there because it will improve your designs by teaching you new ways to think about how patterns come together.

Secondly, if you are a printmaker or a dabbler, this will give you a whole new way to make prints.

Thirdly, Ali is an excellent teacher and her approach is unique as she is not only an artist but also an engineer, and again, that will make you see pattern design and/or printmaking in a new light. It did for me and I think the experience improved my creative practice and how I approach design as a whole.

Last, but not least, I had a great time and was full of inspiration after the workshops."

- Rose Stardust, Canada - Repeat Patterns Deep Dive 1 & 2